SAS Sweden cancels flights over strike fear

SAS has cancelled almost all its international and domestic flights in and out of Sweden on Friday because of a threatened cabin crew strike among the carrier’s Swedish staff, the airline told reporters.

Some flights, to the US and Asia, and some domestic flights will however go ahead as normal.

Latest Statement:

Scandinavian Airlines Sverige accepts mediators’ final offer

The final bid presented by mediators on Sunday, May 20 has been accepted by the Air Transport Industry Employers’ Association/Scandinavian Airlines Sverige. The offer was not accepted by the Swedish Salaried Employees’ Union/Scandinavian Cabin Crew Association.


“By rejecting the mediators’ final offer, I can only assume that the Salaried Employees’ Union intends to strike on matters for which Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s cabin crew already have equal or better conditions than our competitors in Sweden,” says Anders Ehrling, CEO of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige.

“The situation is serious, although there is still time to find solutions and avoid industrial action that will cause severe disruption for our customers. We are open to solutions that involve changes to employment conditions and/or salary levels. However, this requires that we keep within the framework of 10.2 percent that the Salaried Employees’ Union itself defined for this year’s collective bargaining,” continues Anders Ehrling.

“I can only apologize to Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s customers for the uncertainty caused by the threat of strike action. There is still time for the Salaried Employees’ Union to take its responsibility and sign a collective agreement that does not weaken SAS’s terms for competing and is in line with the other collective agreements signed by the Union this spring,” concludes Anders Ehrling.

Information on Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s traffic situation is continually updated on the company’s website