Incheon inks new SITA deal

Incheon International Airport is taking service provision to a
higher level with the deployment of SITA’s new self-service kiosk for
passenger check-in.Several airlines will participate as part of a
three-year, multi-million dollar investment plan by the Incheon
International Airport Corporation (IIAC).

Already passengers who do pre-check in on their mobile phones with
Korean Air can use the 2D bar codes sent to their phone to print out
their boarding passes at any of the 38 next-generation AirportConnect
CUSS (Common Use Self Service) Kiosks now deployed throughout the
airport by SITA. These kiosks are also equipped with passport and visa
readers for instant passenger recognition.


Today, 28 million passengers pass through Incheon International each
year compared to 14.3 million when it opened in 2001 and the number of
airlines has also nearly doubled from 35 in 2001 to 63 today.



Lim Nam-Soo, General Manager, Operations Strategy & Planning, IIAC,
said, “The smart deployment of airline and airport IT plays a vital role
in meeting the expectations of airlines and passengers while managing
Incheon’s phenomenal growth. We are confident that SITA’s AirportConnect
CUSS Kiosks will help us maintain our reputation as the best airport in
the world when it comes to service provision to passengers.”


Paul Dalton, SITA Regional Vice-President, said, “SITA’s AirportConnect
CUSS kiosks facilitate passenger check-in, especially during peak times
when queuing for 60 minutes is normal. We expect IIAC’s CUSS kiosks to
eventually handle 40% of passenger check-in. This will result in
significant cost savings for IIAC by removing the need to build
additional check-in islands as passenger traffic continues to grow.”