AirAsia begins priority boarding scheme

AirAsia has launched ‘Xpress Boarding’ which provides guests the opportunity to be amongst the first to board ahead of the general boarding group at an introductory fee of RM20 one way.By paying a little more, guests may select their choice of seating, from front row seats, to aisle and window seats for their own expediency and convenience.

AirAsia, who practices a free-seating policy will extend the Xpress Boarding service to all airports within its network including those serviced by its sister companies, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia. The airline’s free-seating policy encourages guests to be punctual at the boarding gate which is a crucial element for the airline’s 25-minute turnaround. A quick turnaround translates to cost savings and enhances operation efficiency.

Kathleen Tan, Executive Vice President, Commercial of AirAsia, said, “We are constantly on our toes in innovating our product and services and with our extensive route network with the Airbus A320, AirAsia is attracting a more diverse group of travelers with special requests who are prepared to pay a little more for the enhanced service. We believe at the initial stage, most of our guests that are likely to take up this boarding service will consist of business, corporate and middle income travelers who are keen to get off the aircraft ahead of the rest upon landing. We believe this service will also prove enormously attractive for families who want to be able to sit together without the fuss of rushing to reserve seats and avoid the frustrating long queues upon boarding.”