Online passport application unveiled

Travel Agents Travel Club ( has launched an online passport application and photographic service in association with The service will allow TATC members to order their passport photos online at an exclusive offer price of £3 a set.  Members simply upload their photo and submit it to Paspic, who will check its biometric compatibility and produce a set of four passport photos which will arrive in the post within 48 hours.

The free online checking service from provides a source of biometric photo advice and an invaluable tool for the travel industry and consumers alike. Paspic allows facial photographs from a standard digital camera to be uploaded onto the website and, using unique technology (patent pending), checked to confirm their suitability for passport applications. 

The service enables you to take a digital photograph, upload it to our website and order a set of 4 passport photographs.  48 hours later these will arrive in the post.  The beauty of the system is that instead of having to visit a photobooth or local photographer, you can now take any digital photograph choosing your favourite shot, taken at leisure. The Paspic digital process will automatically assess the photograph against the strict Passport Agency criteria and centre the head shot into the middle of the frame.  Even if you submit a photo that isn’t suitable you will receive an email letting you know and giving you the opportunity to submit an alternative.

That’s not all - after the user has ordered their photos they can also download, complete and submit a passport application form for checking via the website.  Which means when the approved photos arrive everything is ready to send to the Passport Office. 

Quick, secure and convenient, this free service offers the reassurance that the passport photo and application will be accepted by the UK Passport Office.
Paspic approved photos can not only be used for passports but also for identity cards, job applications, membership cards, rail passes, and student card or visas.


Karine Mercer, Product Manager at TATC says of the new partnership ‘We are delighted to be able to offer this service to our members.  It is a unique product that we believe will become integral to the travel sector in the next few years and we are very excited to be able to introduce this to the industry.’

Yehuda Hecht, Managing Director of Paspic agreed.  ‘With 7 million people applying for new passports every year, our service takes out all of the hassle of going to a passport photo booth - especially for people with young children.  Our biometric passport photo checking service can take away the element of doubt from the passport application service making the whole process as smooth as possible.’