Sabre signs helicopter deal

Sabre and US Helicopter Sign New Agreement
            Aimed at Easing Airport Commute

        Service Provides Eight-Minute Airport Shuttle

US Helicopter
Corporation has signed a multi-year agreement with
Sabre Travel Network making US Helicopter published fares
and inventory available for all subscribers of Sabre global
distribution system (GDS), including online and offline travel

  This agreement, partnering US Helicopter and Sabre, facilitates a
seamless travel experience from booking through to traveling to the
heliports in New York City, a prime corporate travel destination also
known for significant commuter traffic congestion. Sabre Travel
Network, the world’s largest and most rewarding marketplace for buying
and selling travel, will provide US Helicopter and their partner
airlines - Delta Air Lines at JFK International Airport and
Continental Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport - with
Interline Electronic Ticketing capabilities, allowing for US
Helicopter’s eight-minute airport shuttle service to be seamlessly
booked through the Sabre system in conjunction with air travel

  “We see this as a great benefit to high-end leisure travelers and
especially to corporate travelers, the corporations they work for, and
the agencies that manage their travel arrangements,” said Hugh Jones,
chief operating officer of Sabre Travel Network. “For the corporate
traveler, it means saving time when the overall day of travel has
typically gotten a bit longer due to increased security requirements.
For the corporation, it means integrated traveler policies even in the
case of VIP travel, and for the agencies, it provides additional
customer service and a streamlined process for providing this


  US Helicopter’s “eight-minute airport shuttle” service offers
business travelers an affordable and hassle-free airport commute
between two New York City Heliports, John F. Kennedy International
Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. The company also
services Connecticut commuters with operations to/from New York City
and Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

  “Partnering with Sabre now enables US Helicopter to be as
convenient for their vast network of travel professionals as it is for
the passengers themselves,” comments Jerry Murphy, Chief Executive
Officer and President of US Helicopter.

  As part of US Helicopter’s convenient service, travelers check-in
at the heliport, receive boarding passes and check-through luggage to
their final destination when traveling on a partner carrier. All
customers will also clear TSA security screening at the heliport and
board their US Helicopter “eight minute airport shuttle” flight,
arriving at the airport on the secure side where they go directly to
their outbound flight when traveling with a partner airline. Travelers
now have a clear alternative, avoiding the stress and aggravation of
ground transportation to/from the airport as well as long lines and
delays at the airport.

  This new addition to traveler content reaffirms the Sabre GDS as
providing the largest access to content in the world and addressing
the end to end needs of agencies and their corporate and leisure