steps up hotel program has expanded and enhanced its hotel program for member agencies as a result of a preferred supplier alliance with RADIUS. The addition of the RADIUS Preferred Hotel Rate Program which has several features ideal for business travelers complements the hotel program already in place with CCRA International.

The Preferred Hotel Rate Program offers members more than 11,000 individually-contracted hotels in over 2,400 cities around the world which are listed in the GDS under the exclusive WTT rate code. There is no fee to enroll in the Preferred Hotel Rate Program.

Additionally, members who sign up with RADIUS will also have access to Wheel 2.0, RADIUS-developed technology that uses share-shift functionality for special promotional prices from the same and competing vendors.  This allows travel agents the opportunity to better serve their clients.

“With the addition of RADIUS and their unique GDS-based cutting-edge technology, we are enabling our members to offer their clients the best accommodations at the best rates,” said Steve Tracas, president and CEO,

Tony Hughes, president and CEO for RADIUS offered: “The addition of to the RADIUS Preferred Rate Program to achieve shared strategic goals and efficiencies will no doubt be a great success.  The established objectives of this endeavor are clear, and the measurable growth of what is already an industry-leading program - the Preferred Rate Hotel Program - through our enhanced negotiating power with the vendors and the increase in booked room nights is beneficial to both our organizations.  We also know from our own experience that their use of the Wheel will further enhance their competitive advantage within their industry niche.”


Through the alliance, RADIUS is offering member agencies the Wheel, a fee-based tool, free for three months with an option to continue to use the program at reduced negotiated rates.

As part of its targeted focus on business travelers, RADIUS facilitates last minute room availability and reservations with its Online Block Space Program.