Virgin pilot not drunk

Following a meida storm, Virgin Atlantic have released a statement confirming that the pilot who was thought to be over the alcohol limit for flying last week was in fact perfectly safe to fly. The statement reads:

Virgin Atlantic can confirm that the pilot who was questioned by police on
31st March 2007, following an allegation made at Heathrow Airport, will not
be charged with any offence following the results of his blood test. Police
have confirmed that his test was negative.

Therefore, as no offence was committed, no charges will be brought. The
pilot is now free to resume his duties at the airline immediately.

Despite media reports, the pilot was never handcuffed at any stage and was
never escorted off the plane by police officers.

It is believed that a diet being followed by the pilot caused the initial
positive reading during a preliminary breath test. Subsequent blood tests
later confirmed that the amount of alcohol in his blood was the equivalent
to that of a non-drinker.