SunExpress builds Stansted offering

SunExpress is to launch two new routes on this month from London
Stansted to Izmir (Turkey) and Ercan (Northern Cyprus).The new twice-weekly scheduled services will link London to Izmir, which
is Turkey’s third largest city, second largest port, and the gateway to
the Aegean Coast. Ercan is the international airport that serves the
resorts and towns in Northern Cyprus. The new routes are in addition to
SunExpress’ existing twice-weekly service launched in February between
London Stansted and Antalya on the Turkish Riviera.

“It is always a challenge to launch a new airline and new routes into a
market, but we have been delighted by the response in the UK from both
the travel trade and our passengers to SunExpress and the Antalya
service. Over 80 percent of our customers on the route have been UK
residents,” says Michael Buck - Commercial Director of SunExpress. “With
summer just around the corner we feel it is the right time to expand our
activities in the UK and launch these two additional routes from London
Stansted to Izmir and Ercan.”

SunExpress will operate between London Stansted and Izmir and Ercan on
Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flights depart from Stansted at 18.20 and
fly non-stop to Izmir to arrive just after midnight local time (00.05).
Passengers for Ercan will remain in transit and - using the same
aircraft - fly onwards to Northern Cyprus at 00.45 to land in Ercan at
02.10. Services from Ercan to the UK will depart on Tuesdays and
Saturdays at 13.20 and from Izmir at 15.30. The services are scheduled
to land at London Stansted at 17.25.

The new services complement SunExpress’ existing flights between London
Stansted and Antalya on Mondays and Thursdays. These flights depart from
Stansted at 10.25 to arrive in Antalya at 16.25 local time. Services
from Antalya depart at 07.05 and arrive in Stansted at 09.25. SunExpress
also offers daily services linking Antalya and Izmir.

The new scheduled services offered by SunExpress reflect the growing
popularity and demand for Turkey as a destination in the UK and Ireland.
Especially the picturesque city of Antalya, the Turkish Riviera, Izmir
and the resorts around the Aegean Sea, all of which have a special
appeal to the increasing number of independent travellers and those with
second homes in the area. Izmir is also the gateway to Ephesus, one of
the most important cities of the Roman era and the Mediterranean’s
best-preserved classical city.