SITA partners with Moscow firm

SITA has announced an alliance with the leading Russian IT firm, B.A.C., to
modernise the country’s small-to-medium sized airport sector.SITA whose IT solutions are available in over 200 leading airports worldwide
including Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport, signed an agreement today
with B.A.C. which allows its state-of-the-art technology to be made available on an
Applications Service Provider basis to 100 airports across Russia.

Umar Khan, SITA Vice President for Indirect Channels, said, “These are exciting
times in the Russian aviation sector as it tries to catch up with the rapid pace of
economic development across the country. Russian airports are ripe for development.
There is a huge market opportunity for the right mix of IT solutions to improve
basic services for airlines and passengers alike.


“‘We are very pleased to work with B.A.C., a top Russian IT firm with
considerable experience in the transportation market, and the airport sector in
particular.  We have today signed an agreement which will make our
industry-standard, passenger and baggage management solutions available for the
first time in Russia to the small and medium sized airport market at affordable



B.A.C. are ranked one of the top IT companies in Russia and employ over 400 solution
designers, project managers and software engineers. They have considerable knowledge
of the air transport industry in Russia and are involved in major IT projects in
Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Airports of the South and with Aeroflot. 


Sorokin Svyatoslav, B.A.C. CEO, said, “This alliance will allow us together with
SITA to bring tremendous innovation to the airport market in Russia. There is a huge
need for modern IT technology here in order to exploit fully the capacity of the
country’s rich network of regional airports and to attract airlines and


“SITA products and services will be offered on an Applications Service
Provider-basis which will reduce the total cost of ownership to the airports. The
value of our role is that we can bring in local expertise with the language skills
to provide on-site support and maintenance. Our staff will all also be trained and
certified to work with SITA’s airport IT portfolio.”



Andrey Cheremnykh, SITA Head of Sales for Russia and the CIS, said, “The agreement
will make shared-use passenger and baggage processing solutions such as baggage
management, common-use terminal equipment and kiosks, more widely available in
Russia and CIS where improved airport infrastructure is required to ensure that
these airports and airlines can compete on the international and domestic


The product set which SITA will make available under the Indirect Channel label
includes market leading IT applications such as AirportConnect CUTE, AirportConnect
Kiosk, BagManager, BagMessage and local DCS (Departure Control System) .


SITA currently manages about 30,000 CUTE workstations used by some 285 customers in
more than 200 airport locations worldwide, checking in an estimated 580 million
passengers yearly. Last year SITA installed its baggage reconciliation system at
Domodedovo International Airport, and is currently introducing web check-in to the
Russian market with Transaero.