Langham Place unveils sensory offering

Langham Place Hotel has launched ‘the Perennial’, a brand signature featuring a selection of fragrances, flowers, music, menus and teas designed to inspire, captivate and enhance the hotel guest experience.The hotel has just launched ‘winter’ at Langham Place Hotel, the first season in the Perennial signature collection.  On arrival, guests will be welcomed with the subtle aroma and winter warmth of the fragrance Gingerbread as it wafts through the hotel and corridors.  To complement the fragrance, beautiful winter flowers such as Peony, Crab Apple, European Larch and White Pearl will abound in creative and contemporary arrangements.  Spring, summer and autumn in 2007 will also feature fragrances and colourful floral arrangements highlighting the change of seasons.

Music is part of our lives where ever we are and that means Langham Place too, where the hotel’s contemporary music style contributes to the relaxed ambiance and will now include a selection of perennial-inspired music mixes to suit the different moods of the day.

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea, especially after a long flight.  Guests at check-in will now be served scented towels and seasonal teas reflecting the nuances of the season. Winter’s tea selection is a warming blend of red tea, ginger, cinnamon and raisin, a perfect refresher for the cold and weary traveller. 

Inspired by the seasons, specially crafted Perennial menus will be launched in The Place and Ming Court. Each season will feature the freshest seasonal ingredients presented with creative flair by our local and international chefs.

“Since its inception Langham Place Hotel has continuously looked for ways to enhance our guest experience. By introducing the Perennial signature we believe we have created our own impression of how a hotel experience should feel with carefully selected fragrances, flowers and plants, music, menus and teas, all designed to appeal to the senses and maximise positive energy flow throughout the hotel,” commented the general manager, Jeffrey Van Vorsselen. “We believe our guests will notice the difference and appreciate the little touches we have made to ensure their stay exceeds expectations.”


Winter will also see the launch of Change of the Day, a signature featuring a unique, choreographed ceremony culminating in the banging of a gong in the centre of the lobby at 1865 (7.05pm) each day. Change of the Day officially recognises the transformation from day to night and accordingly the switch from work to play mode. To further enhance this transformation, Portal - Work & Play will commence the Crazy Hour, taking the tempo of the live band up a notch while serving signature cocktails and canapés to guests looking to unwind after a busy day.