United reveals new first class suite

United Airlines has unveiled initial details about the previously announced US$165 million upgrade to its international widebody fleet that includes a new luxurious United First Suite.The new suite was designed to be an optimal space to work, sleep or relax while enjoying the latest entertainment and exclusive amenities.

“Our premium customers have told us what would make them more relaxed and comfortable, and we’re using their feedback to shape our new first class products and services,” said Graham Atkinson, United’s executive vice president and chief customer officer. “Our goal is to improve space, amenities and services, so we can enhance the entire international premium travel experience on United, from check-in to arrival.”

The new First Suite is nearly 7.6 centimeters wider than the existing, United First Suite and reclines to multiple angles or serves as a fully flat two-meter bed.

Each suite offers a cutting-edge entertainment system providing a 39 centimeters widescreen flat panel monitor with an on-demand digital video and music system that offers multiple selections of movies, TV programs and video games. United also will offer 50 channels of XM-branded audio content, delivering more than 3,000 songs and a jukebox to create customized play lists. Both the entertainment system navigation controls and content will be offered in several languages.

Among the suite’s amenities are:


- a 110-volt universal plug for laptop power, compatible with power outlets for 145 countries.
- a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to charge personal electronic devices, such as personal digital assistants, cell phones and digital cameras.
- Multiple stowage compartments to accommodate a laptop bag and other personal items.
- noise-canceling headphones.
- an Apple iPod connector that enables customers to play their own music and video on their suite’s entertainment unit, as well as recharges the iPod unit.

United will begin introducing the luxury First Suites in the fourth quarter of 2007 and upgrade its entire 97 aircraft widebody international fleet, which includes B767, B777 and B747 aircraft.