Demand for .travel domain climbs

With little more than 30 days remaining until the expiration of .travel Place Name Priority Rights, Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, reports a surge in domain name requests and has established a hotline for potential registrants to expedite the domain name application process.

Tralliance reports growth in the number of .travel domain names has increased by 30 percent month over month since the official launch of , the online research tool that benefits both domain holders and consumers around the world. Anticipating an even busier year-end rush, company officials have expanded their customer service team and activated exclusive e-mail and telephone systems to speed the Place Name authentication and registration process.

Customers wishing to apply for .travel domain place names, which include cities, states and landmarks, can now call 001-954-769-5999 or e-mail [email protected] for special assistance to expedite the application process.

According to Tralliance CEO Edward Cespedes, “With the end of the year just on the horizon, our goal is to make the simple process of applying for a .travel Place Name even faster and easier during the busy holiday season.”

Under an agreement with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) last year, Tralliance extended Place Name Priority Rights through December 31, 2006, to encourage nations of the world to protect their natural, historical and cultural tourism assets by registering the .travel domain names of cities, towns, heritage sites, sacred sites, national parks and other landmarks.


Further fueling the momentum of the .travel Place Name Priority Right initiative are the large-scale efforts on behalf of countries like China, Africa, Canada and Egypt, which have developed nationally focused .travel portals.