EgyptAir migrates to Amadeus

Amadeus has successfully migrated the complete reservation, inventory and departure control systems for EgyptAir, to the Amadeus Altéa Customer Management System (CMS).The transition to Amadeus Altéa, enables the transformation of EgyptAir’s operations by removing the inherent constraints of legacy technology, ensuring that EgyptAir is able to develop and deliver the services required to secure competitive advantage. In addition, the implementation of Amadeus Altéa for EgyptAir allows the airline to become fully e-ticket compliant.

Engineer Atef Abd El-Hameed, Chairman EgyptAir Holding said: “Too often we found ourselves held back by the functionality of our legacy systems.  Migration to Altéa CMS means that this is no longer the case.  We have achieved the complete modernisation of all our internal systems as well as enabled full e-ticket compliance, an important driver in our decision to overhaul our technology provision.”

Frédéric Spagnou, Vice-President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus, suggested that: “EgyptAir’s approach to IT modernisation should be regarded as a blueprint for other airlines that want to stay ahead. As one of the most successful mid-size carriers in the market today, EgyptAir has shown real leadership and vision in underpinning its commercial strategy on next generation technology.”

Amadeus has a track record of on-time delivery of major airline IT projects for over 150 airlines and seamless migration of customers to Altéa CMS. Spagnou continued: “Delivering the complete Altéa CMS, in a short space of time, means EgyptAir is now very quickly able to handle the increased passenger numbers that will flow from its ambitious growth targets.”