FareCompare joins forces wth TAN

FareCompare, an airfare-centric travel planning site that provides early access to the lowest published and discount air fares, has joined TAN. TAN will be the exclusive sales representative for graphical advertising on farecompare.com.

The addition of FareCompare brings the total number of sites in TAN to over 40 best-of-breed properties, delivering a combined monthly audience of more than 8 million unique visitors.

“FareCompare is a unique site for business and vacation travelers accessing fare information directly from the airlines and updating new fare information hours before it is posted elsewhere,” says Travel Ad Network CEO Cree Lawson. “FareCompare subscribes to the same domestic and international fare and ticket information as the popular online shopping sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz. We are very pleased to have them in the TAN family.”

“For three years Travel Ad Network’s singular focus has been on building a vast audience of travel buyers and developing unique ways to reach them. We are confident that they will do a similarly focused job of presenting the unique attributes of FareCompare to the advertising community,” says Rick Seaney, Chief Executive and President of FareCompare.

Dallas-based FareCompare (www.farecompare.com) provides consumer research tools for tracking and purchasing the best fare. With over two years of airfare history in its database, FareCompare provides helpful context on how today’s fares rate against previous pricing. When you see a “four-star fare,” you know you’ve found a great deal. FareCompare does not sell tickets and seeks to be an objective, independent provider of airfare information.