Hahn Air implements e-ticketing

Amadeus has successfully implemented the Amadeus Ticketing Platform (ATP) for Hahn Air. The implementation means that Hahn Air is able to offer a complete e-ticketing solution, including worldwide distribution. Hahn Air will now start to develop interline e-ticketing agreements with the 200 plus airlines with which it currently has interline agreements, to offer them full e-ticketing capability.

A preferred IATA partner, Amadeus was chosen by Hahn Air due to its ticketing technology expertise and the unmatched extent of its e-ticket distribution (160 airlines and 139 markets) and interlining community (230 interline agreements representing 30% of IATA interline agreements).

This deal is particularly important as the industry readies itself for 2007. Hans Nolte, CEO, Hahn Air, commented: “Meeting the IATA deadline is a significant issue for many smaller airlines in different regions, as well as bigger airlines that only require limited distribution in certain markets. By working in partnership with Amadeus, we are able to offer partners a proven and robust solution, quickly. Some of these carriers may otherwise not make the deadline, resulting in a negative impact on their business.”

As part of its core business, Hahn Air provides other airlines with an outsourced platform, to quickly and cost-effectively distribute tickets in 75 countries around the globe, and establish interline agreements with their partners. This significantly enhances the ability of the airline industry to meet the IATA e-ticketing deadline as more airlines, regardless of their size or location, will have increased resources at hand, to rapidly become e-ticket compliant.

“The agreement with Hahn Air is a landmark achievement in ensuring that carriers in markets such as the Middle East and Africa, Russia and the CIS region or Latin America, where e-ticketing penetration is less advanced, don’t lose out, Frédéric Spagnou, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus added. “Our experience of working in partnership with the world’s leading carriers on e-ticketing over the last few years means we are well placed to support Hahn Air and its partner airlines to implement these solutions quickly.”


Bryan Wilson, Project Director E-Ticketing, IATA, commented: “We are pleased to see Amadeus and Hahn Air working together to significantly hasten the uptake of e-tickets across the industry. Some airlines have told IATA they intend to use other airlines’ accounting codes to issue e-tickets. These airlines, amongst others, could potentially benefit from agreements such as this.”

He continued, “For every airline which relies upon travel agents to issue their tickets, it is vital that they become fully e-ticket and interline e-ticket enabled by the end of 2007, in order to gain the cost and service advantages of e-tickets, as well as ensure that travel agents can continue to issue tickets for their flights from 2008.”

Amadeus estimates that by the end of 2006, 70 per cent of tickets issued via its distribution system will be electronic. Amadeus also fully hosts over 40 airlines’ e-ticketing systems, a figure it aims to expand to cover 26% of the world market share by early 2007.