Worldspan improves data accuracy

Worldspan has completed implementation of the SITA Automated Rules platform in the Worldspan global distribution system (GDS). Completed in September, the implementation substantially increases the level of automation and fare data accuracy available through a GDS.

“Automated rules processing, including negotiated fare rules, is critical to our ability to provide travel agencies with the most comprehensive and accurate information from airlines that distribute fare and rule data through the world’s major fare sources,” said Sue Powers, Worldspan CIO and senior vice president - Worldwide Product Solutions.

Integration of SITA Automated Rules increases Worldspan’s distribution speed, accuracy and efficiency by eliminating manual loading of rules data from approximately 120 airlines into the GDS. Coding errors associated with manual coding of rules instructions are eliminated, as are time lags inherent to manual processing. By electronically updating its fares database several times daily with information retrieved directly from SITA, Worldspan helps travel agencies increase performance and revenues using the most accurate and timely fare and rule information.

In addition to its work with SITA, Worldspan has launched multiple landmark developments with Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO), including being the first GDS to introduce full automation of ATPCO’s Automated Rules. Worldspan was also first to integrate fare and rule data from ATPCO’s Voluntary Changes, Voluntary Cancels, Net Fares, Private Fares and Fare-by-Rule categories, and first to integrate data from these categories into the airline ticket repricing process (Worldspan Rapid Reprice®) and Web-based negotiated fares management process (Worldspan SecuRate® Air Plus).

Powers also attributes Worldspan’s leadership in global fares and pricing to the company’s proprietary IntellicacheSM technology, which is helping to achieve the most reliable sell rates in traditional and online airline sales worldwide. “By offering a sophisticated intelligent data caching and availability system, the only system of its kind that accommodates the algorithms of individual airlines, Worldspan is ensuring travel buyers worldwide receive the most accurate information when shopping for air travel.”