VRX expands global hotel coverage

VRX Studios has been named the Official Online Content Provider of Sonesta International Hotels Corporation.

As the Official Online Content Provider to Sonesta, VRX will create high quality, web-friendly 360-degree virtual tours and still images to showcase Sonesta’s hotel properties located throughout the United States, Brazil, Peru, Egypt, and St. Maarten and their Egyptian cruise ships that travel the historic Nile River. VRX will cover every room type and amenity offered by the properties and ships. Once completed, VRX will integrate the images into custom designed interactive maps that will visually organize the images and help orientate viewers. All content created by VRX will be certified by Sonesta as accurate and up-to-date before being added to VRX’s Hotel and Cruise Archives and syndicated to third party travel web sites.

“Each of our properties is uniquely designed to reflect the essence of its location and the individuality of the surrounding culture. Just as no two destinations are the same, neither are two of our properties,” commented Scott Corey, Vice President Revenue & Distribution, Sonesta International Hotels Corp. “The VRX name is synonymous with quality. We are confident they have the experience and expertise to capture and present the uniqueness of each of our properties. We look forward to working with VRX and showcasing our brand to the online travel audience.”

VRX’s Hotel Program helps hospitality companies such as Sonesta manage the presentation of their brand across all their online distribution channels. VRX produces the highest quality and most user-friendly online visual content while delivering a consistent user-experience across every hotel, cruise ship, and destination in its Content Archive. Leading the industry in quality, consistency, and reliability, VRX’s Travel Content increases consumers’ online booking confidence.

“Our agreement with Sonesta will not only deepen our coverage of hotels in popular North American markets but also lead the way in new markets such as Egypt, Peru and Brazil” commented David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX. “As the number of online hotel bookings continues to accelerate in secondary travel markets around the world, we are pursing international hotel partners to expand the global reach of our archive.”