TripHub makes site enhancements

TripHub has introduced new ways to share and promote trips. TripHub’s advanced settings enable trip organizers to easily control access to their trips, and to promote their trips on and offline. These enhancements are particularly relevant for clubs, teams, religious organizations, college students, and other groups where some level of membership or affinity exists.

“Fall is when we travel to away football games, join fellow parents at our children’s tournaments, and start planning holiday, ski, and spring break trips with friends,” said Josh Herst, founder and CEO of TripHub. “TripHub’s new tools further empower groups to quickly organize an event or trip, control who can view the details, and to promote the trip anywhere from their MySpace to print newsletters.”

A URL for Every Trip

TripHub, which has been used by thousands of customers to plan trips with friends and family, developed these new services to eliminate two major challenges in planning group travel - sharing trip details and keeping everyone informed. Organizers and trip members can now share their trip via a simple, unique URL. The trip URL can be sent in an email, posted on a Web site, or published in a flyer or formal invitation. Advanced settings allow organizers to control who has access to the trip details and who is invited to participate. In addition, email notifications keep people informed of changes throughout the planning process.

Supporting Clubs, Teams, Religious Groups and Spring Breakers

Sports clubs and fans, parents who join their children at away games, college spring breakers, and other groups where the common bond is some form of membership or affiliation will benefit from these new features. “Trip organizers do not always know the email addresses for every guest, or even who may want to participate. In these situations, it makes sense to enable broad promotion of trip details both on and offline,” said Herst. “Ultimately, the trip organizer can control who joins the trip on a case by case basis.”