Scandinavian picks Software AG solution

Software AG thas announced that Scandinavian Airlines has chosen Software AG’s CentraSite SOA Registry/ Repository to support their technology management and governance initiatives.CentraSite will work in concert with diverse enterprise technologies to help Scandinavian Airlines achieve its strategic goals of cost savings and increased competitiveness.

Scandinavian Airlines will use CentraSite to manage and govern IT elements such as Web services, policies, models and metadata in the context of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). “In the extremely competitive global transportation industry, the adoption of innovative technologies such as Software AG’s CentraSite will, through better control and reusability, enable us to more quickly align ourselves with changing market dynamics and thereby provide the highest level of service to our customers,” says Magnus Clarving, Manager, Corporate and Agent systems, SAS Airline IT.

Because it is based on widely accepted industry standards, CentraSite is able to bring together products and solutions from both small and large technology vendors - as well as “home-grown” applications - under a single management and governance umbrella. This inclusive approach is further supported by the CentraSite Community, which encompasses a diverse group of enterprise technology providers whose solutions are pre-integrated with CentraSite.

“As enterprise environments grow more heterogeneous - especially through market consolidations - the need for management and governance becomes increasingly pronounced,” said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, Member of the Board, Software AG and responsible for the development of crossvision. “By adopting a managed services approach to IT infrastructure, industry pioneers, such as Scandinavian Airlines, are able to adapt and innovate during even the most turbulent market conditions.”