Press: Alitalia planes sabotaged in Naples

Two MD-80 airplanes belonging to Alitalia SpA were deliberately damaged in their hangar in Naples last week, reported La Repubblica, saying the incidents could be linked to restructuring talks. The first incident last Monday/Tuesday involved cables being cut in the tail section of an aircraft, while the second a day later involved the loss of trim around the rear door of a plane, the newspaper said.

Alitalia was quoted as saying the incidents did not put flight safety at risk, but created economic damage to the company, and they reflect on workers.

The newspaper said the damage was spotted by a maintenance company official before the planes reached the runway.

The Naples prosecutor is investigating potential safety breaches, the newspaper added.

Trade union officials were cited as saying the incidents reflect on the standard of maintenance of Alitalia planes, which are ‘below the old standards’.


Alitalia unions are opposed to the airline’s service activities being restructured, and they will meet with the government this week to discuss their complaints.