EU to set new security rules

The European Union has approved a new set of airline security rules that will restrict the amount
of liquid allowed to be taken onboard planes, limit the size of cabin
baggage, require passengers to remove coats at security checkpoints and
other similar measures.The EU Regulatory Committee for Civil Aviation Security, representing
all 25 Member States, approved the measures, proposed by the European
Commission, to address the new threat of liquid explosives.
  “I warmly welcome the results of the Committee meeting, which strike
the necessary balance between a tough approach on security, the comfort of
passengers and the needs of the industry,” said EU Commission
Vice-President, Jacques Barrot. “I expect this to be adopted in the course
of next week.”
  The new rules will come into effect in early November after they have
been officially published by the European Commission. However, the new
carry-on luggage size rules will come into force later to allow operators
solid preparation.
  The proposed new rules would:
  * Limit the individual quantities of liquids allowed to be carried by
passengers to 100 ml per container.

  * Require that the number of containers fit in one transparent re-sealable
plastic bag of a maximum size of 1 liter.

  * Require passengers to present the plastic bag at security checkpoints.
25 cm, with possibilities for some exemptions e.g. for musical

  * Require passengers to remove coats and jackets at security checkpoints.

  * Require laptops and large electrical items to be removed from bags at
security checkpoints.
  The new rules will still permit passengers to buy under certain
conditions larger quantities of liquids at airport shops beyond the point
where boarding passes are controlled.