HEDNA tackles Asia hotel tech

The Hotel Electronic Distribution Association (HEDNA) held its Asia Pacific Forum in Hong Kong on 11 September 2006, where over fifty industry professionals engaged in lively discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing hotel distribution in the Asia Pacific region.  The audience heard presentations and remarks from executives from Pegasus Solutions, Google, NuPay, Galileo, Abacus, Zuji, and InterContinental Hotels Group - each stressing the need for the embrace of new technologies to aid hoteliers into the future of hotel distribution in Asia.

“The marketplace in Asia-Pacific is unique and carries its own set of challenges; for example, adoption of electronic payment systems for hotel bookings and understanding the various barriers to using credit cards in many Asian countries,” said Tiffany Topcik, HEDNA President and Forum Facilitator. “HEDNA continues to educate the industry about these most pressing concerns and provides solutions through established committees and working groups. We are committed to growing and promoting the use of efficient technologies in the Asia Pacific region for years to come.”

Forum participants were also encouraged to support the adoption and growth of the GDS and to cooperate with them to provide training to the travel agency community.  HEDNA will hold future meetings in Asia Pacific in order to fulfill the needs of the distribution community in the region.