China Southern starts e-ticket check in

China Southern Airlines is announcing that it has started new E-ticket check in service in varied locations throughout Guangzhou City.

China Southern Airlines is the first airline in China to offer this convenient new in-city service which is being offered exclusively by the airline’s authorized ticket agents.

China Southern’s new customer-service program, launched earlier this month in the mainland metropolis of Guangzhou, provides passengers with fast, convenient and safe electronic che ck-in using advanced state-of-the-art, Internet technology. By purchasing the airline’s e-tickets - with a price of or less than 50 percent off normal fares - passengers can check in and get their boarding pass at any China Southern’s authorized agents which are using the new Internet-based city check-in system.

“The city check-in system not only saves our customer’s valuable time with airport check-in procedures but also reduces our operational costs ?- which in the long run saves everyone money,” said Mr. He Zong Kai, Vice President, China Southern Airlines. Mr. He added that, “the beauty of this system is that we own it all and can upgrade it whenever needed.”

Mr. He explained that, “the system is currently available only from authorized ticket agents of China Southern Airlines for all outbound domestic flights (excluding flights to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) from Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou and will be rolled out to other cities thro ughout China in the near future.”


The new city check-in service was jointly developed by China Southern Airlines’ IT Department, E-commerce Center and Ground Handling Departments.