2006 travel hot spots revealed

Popular online travel research site and travel community VirtualTourist.com is revealing the destinations—U.S. and International—forecasted to be this fall’s most traveled to locales, as well as the locations experiencing the greatest surge in travel buzz.

VirtualTourist.com is the largest travel research site and online travel community in the world consisting of 100% user-generated travel content. More than five million travelers use VirtualTourist each month to research upcoming trips, and to share travel reviews, tips and photos from spots they’ve already visited. Travelers ask and answer questions in the travel forums, and create custom travel guides with VirtualTourist’s Trip Planner tool.

“It’s the vibrant activity within the VirtualTourist community that provides us with invaluable, up-to-the minute insights into the places that travelers are researching and talking about, ” said Giampiero Ambrosi, General Manager of VirtualTourist.

“In the past we’ve seen destinations like Split, Ljubljana and Tamarindo rise out of obscurity and into the consciousness of the VirtualTourist travel community. These destinations have gone on to become mainstream vacation spots,” Ambrosi said. “Right now, the buzz is all about less obvious locales in Eastern Europe and South America, places in countries including Croatia, Estonia, and Uruguay.”

“And with fall on the horizon, travel researchers on VirtualTourist are showing a seasonal interest in nature destinations that exhibit incredible foliage, as well as an interest in those locations that quiet down after summer but have an ideal window of time to visit before they cool off too much in winter,” Ambrosi added.


VirtualTourist analyzes the research activities of more than five million monthly unique users to determine the world’s most popular and up-and-coming travel destinations.

The VirtualTourist Travel Forecaster identifies locations most popular among travel researchers. While the VirtualTourist Up-and-Comers Index pinpoints locales that have experienced the greatest swell in interest over the past 12 months.