Roadpost unveils Studentfone

Roadpost is launching Studentfone, a new turnkey international cellular program for students needing mobile communications while studying abroad. Studentfone provides students and faculty members on Study Abroad Programs with an easy-to-use, one-stop resource for setting up international voice and text messaging communications. Administrators can choose from a variety of flexible program options that help to save costs and simplify the planning process. These include an up to date list of mobile numbers prior to departure, reduced roaming rates, bulk phone shipments, and 60 free minutes of calls back to North America.

“In today’s world, it’s all about safety and security,” said Morris Shawn, President and CEO of Roadpost. “Studentfone was designed to provide a low cost and simple mobile solution for administrators managing study abroad programs, while delivering peace of mind to parents that they can communicate with their children from the moment they arrive at their destination. It’s a fast and easy way to eliminate all the red tape involved in setting up a prepaid plan after arrival, and it’s far less expensive than paying GSM roaming rates.

With Studentfone from Roadpost, administrators or students receive phones with assigned numbers prior to departure, to allow time to notify parents and staff of each student’s contact information. Students receive 60 minutes of free long distance to call home, as well as low airtime rates and low outgoing text messaging fees.  Incoming calls and incoming text messages are free in most countries. There are no minimum billings, activation or connection fees. The Studentfone service also includes student orientation kits, HTML templates for school websites, online ordering services, information alerts and a dedicated 24/7 Roadpost resource to answer questions.

Studentfone is available for travel to seven countries: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and China.