Hi-tech concierge for Bangkok Marriott

Following the launch of their new Hi-Tech “Rooms of the Future”, the JW Marriott Bangkok has created an additional level of service with the introduction of the IT Concierge.The IT Concierge assists guests with the clever new Remote Jack Pack (RJP) technology by Clipsal that has been installed in the new “Rooms of the Future”. This clever technology enables guests to easily connect their portable electronic devices such as Laptop, Digital Camera, PlayStation/Xbox, IPOD/MP3 player, all of which can be connected via ‘plug and play’ to the new 32 inch LCD flat screen television sets.

Now business travelers can keep up to date with the latest news, current affairs, stock exchange, and sports results and their email inbox simultaneously - on a split screen.

The hotel has also just installed another new technology feature through Maginet that enables guests using laptops in their rooms, to print any document (in color or black and white), without having to leave their room.

Documents are sent to the “At Your Service” (AYS) Department via the web. They are then printed and delivered to the room within 15 minutes. To protect confidentiality, the guest is required to call AYS to confirm their name and a special document code(s). A confirmation email is sent to the guest advising their documents have been received for printing.

This new service is not only very convenient, but also enables the business traveler to be more productive as they can continue to work while their documents are being printed rather than have to save them to a memory stick and go to the business centre and wait while documents are being printed. A nominal charge for this service applies.


Another new feature to make the business traveler’s life easier on the road, is the provision of a service both at the Executive Lounge and the Business Centre, whereby guests can charge their mobile phones, or borrow a charger, power cable, or other device if they have left theirs behind.

The IT Concierge Department consists of a group of especially selected, IT savvy staff who have been specifically trained in the new technology and are available to assist guests with their technology requirements in order to ensure they don’t lose any down time. The service is available 24 hours daily covering all shifts. Members of this newly created team wear a special pin identifying them as an IT Concierge.