nichehotels sell first hotel in excess of £6mn

Four years after the conception of nichehotels by alan corlett (previously of luxury brand le meridien) a rationalization of the portfolio has created the sale of their first acquisition, thequeensgate, south kensington, london.

Purchased in november 2002 for £4.4million by niche and co-investors of this property a1, thequeensgate, 26 bedrooms in south kensington was also managed by nichehotels until its sale in july 2006, for a sum in excess of £6million to concorde hotels. 

Managing director, nichehotels, alan corlett said “the nichehotels portfolio has grown according to the business plan.  the properties in our collection going forward have more bedrooms with iconic conference facilities”.

Nichehotels is continuing to focus on acquisitions of period properties that can be developed into cool interior designed hotels in key city or up-and-coming locations and is very close to announcing such an acquisition in london. 

Sales and marketing director, niche hotels, alison corlett said “as part of the rationalization, nichehotels are planning to re-focus the collection of hotels on a bed stock of around 50, with technical and contemporary conference facilities.  we’re committed to developing our core brand and later this year will see the completion of a £3million investment made to our wyckhillhouse property in gloucestershire, (59 bedrooms, 4 event rooms, 150 delegates in a private estate of 100 acres, 6 treatment room spa and 20 miles from oxford m40), this will bring wyckhillhouse in line with the remainder of our core portfolio which also has the prestigious newcastle city centre property, greystreethotel (49 bedrooms, 4 event rooms, conference capacity of 100) and the innovative warm-minimalism of cardiff city centre property, theroyalhotel, (64 bedrooms, 2 event rooms and conference capacity of 130 delegates in the famously named thescottroom ((namesake captain scott dined here 2 days before departing on his fateful expedition in june 1910))”.  we share a clear vision of what nichehotels is and expect to be challenging some of the more established contemporary brands for service and style in important demographics.  .