CheapTickets adds pricing guide is introducing the CheapTickets Travel Cheapometer.
  The Cheapometer is a new monthly pricing guide that analyzes where
vacationers can get the most travel for their buck in the U.S. and abroad.
The Cheapometer assesses and compares the cost of hotel rates, airfares and
vacation packages vs. the average cost here in the U.S.
  “Value is extremely important to the CheapTickets customer and we’re
committed to helping them get the most for their money,” said Randy Wagner,
Chief Marketing Officer of “The Cheapometer was created
to provide our customers with options to help them experience new places
around the world at prices that make them feel great.”
  CheapTickets Travel Cheapometer Volume 1: European Hotel Analysis
  A recent survey fielded by regarding international
travel, using MarketTool’s online survey panel, found that 48% of travelers
with no specific destination in mind would consider the value of the U.S.
dollar when planning a trip abroad.
  The debut CheapTickets Travel Cheapometer provides an analysis of how
the U.S. dollar stacks up in various European cities. This European Hotel
Cheapometer calculates the average daily rate (ADR) of a 4-star hotel room
in the United States compared to the ADR of 4-star hotel rooms in ten
popular European travel destinations.
  “The cost of a hotel room can be one of the biggest expenses during
travel,” said Marita Hudson of’s Cheap Squad. “A less
expensive hotel room is an indicator of how pricey the rest of the country
or city might be during your stay.”