in digital mapping drive

Internet mapping provider, Mapsolute, is choosing map data company NAVTEQ to supply digital mapping data for the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe.It means that Mapsolute can provide highest detailed map data to consumers, through the company’s portal, as well as to business-to-business customers that use MapTP, the company’s unique Internet mapping technology. Along with several other attributes, Mapsolute chose NAVTEQ because of the extremely high quality of its Point of Interest data.

Commenting, Chris Wallett, UK and Ireland Managing Director for Mapsolute, said: “NAVTEQ offers the best digital mapping data, particularly for us in Ireland where we intend to build a larger market presence over the next few months. By teaming up with NAVTEQ, we are assured of the highest quality mapping data.”

NAVTEQ map data is continuously updated to maintain its freshness and precision. It not only enables delivery of door-to-door routing throughout Europe and North America, but also includes millions of Points of Interest (POIs), making it easier to locate and route to restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, leisure facilities and much more. Because Mapsolute provides an online mapping service, what customers receive is continuously updated - with no need to buy new CDs or download new software.

NAVTEQ data is commonly found in factory installed in-vehicle navigation systems across North America and Europe, as well as Internet navigation sites including, Mapsolute’s mapping portal.