JAL, ANA discount domestic flights

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways will slash their one-way fares on most of domestic air routes to just 7,700 yen in early October, it was learned Wednesday. The air carriers have notified the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of their flat rate plans, for five days from Oct. 1.

Maximum discount rates will exceed 80 pct, but there will be a limited number of low-price seats.

The two firms plan to sell the discount tickets Aug. 1-10. Members of their frequent flyer programs will be able to make reservations for seven days from July 20.

Last week, JAL decided on a flat fare of 8,000 yen for the domestic routes, but ANA’s decision to introduce a 7,700-yen fare plan prompted JAL to cut its own fares by a further 300 yen.