Delta Hotels uses online training

In partnership with the Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council (CTHRC), Delta Hotels introduced a new on-line training course to colleagues, cementing its use of technology in virtual classrooms across the country to deliver progressive and cost-effective training. 

The Positive Corrective Action course is a component of the company’s Managing Performance and Behaviour module, a course deployed at its hotels and part of Delta’s Leadership Training Certification Program. Trainees will apply what they learn from their e-lessons to subsequent role-plays, simulations and group discussions. The company’s blended learning approach, which combines traditional in-classroom teaching practices and on-line technology, increases retention among trainees.

“We’ve always believed in using a variety of training approaches at Delta Hotels so that we increase the opportunities for learning,” said Jose Bansil, director of learning and development at Delta Hotels. “And in doing so, we improve performance and achieve the desired business results for all our stakeholders.”

Accessible immediately and at any time by a trainee, the course can also be taken at any location, a real benefit for a company with 38 properties and more than 7,000 colleagues. With geography less of an issue, cost savings can be achieved.

And by not incurring costs on development, and by utilizing the skills and services of the CTHRC and the functionality of , Delta could concentrate on course content.


From 360 Feedback, mentoring initiatives and coaching to individual development plans, workshops and a tuition assistance program, Delta Hotels delivers a variety of tools to foster the development of its colleagues.