Finnair traffic grows by 13% in June

Finnair scheduled traffic increased by 13.4% compared to June last year. Passenger load factor was 76.2%, up 5.2 percentage points.

Number of passengers carried was 679 500, up 9.0%.Due to overcapacity in European and domestic traffic, the price of tickets could not be raised despite climbing fuel prices.

During the second quarter the average yield per revenue passenger kilometer is expected to have decreased about 5 percent.

Total Finnair traffic, measured in passenger kilometers, increased by 7.8%, while the capacity was up by 2.9%, resulting in a passenger load factor of 78.7% or 3.5 points higher than last year. All Finnair Group airlines altogether transported 815 100 passengers, which is 5.2% more than a year ago.

Finnair’s Tallinn-based subsidiary Aero AS, carried 70 800 passengers (+ 12.5%) on routes between Helsinki and the Baltic capitals and within Southern Finland. During June, Stockholm-based FlyNordic carried 107 900 passengers (+ 9.8%). Aero and FlyNordic figures are respectively included in Finnair Group total figures.


Departure punctuality of scheduled flights was 84.8% (based on a fifteen minute standard), 5.1 points lower than in June 2005. Including leisure flights departure punctuality was 83.1% (-5.8 p.p). Arrival punctuality of scheduled flights was 87.4% and that of all operations was 85.7%.

Scheduled traffic
- In scheduled traffic (international + domestic) revenue passenger kilometres increased by 13.4%. The change in capacity was +5.7%. Passenger load factor was 76.2%, 5.2 percentage points higher than last year.

-In scheduled international traffic, total number of passengers was up by 11.0%. Capacity in ASKs was +6.7%, while RPKs increased by 14.4%.

- In European scheduled traffic, ASKs increased by 0.4%, and as RPKs increased by 9.9%, the passenger load factor was 74.4%, up 6.5 points from previous year.

- In North Atlantic scheduled traffic, capacity decreased by 13.1%. Change in RPKs was -13.2%, and passenger load factor for June was 89.1%, 0.1 points lower than previous year.

- In Asian scheduled traffic, capacity increase was 19.7%. The passenger traffic was up by 27.0%. Passenger load factor was 80.6%, 4.7 percentage points up.

- Domestic scheduled traffic increased by 0.2% on a capacity decrease of -4.4%. Passenger load factor increased by 2.5 percentage points to 54.3%.

Leisure traffic

- ASKs for leisure traffic decreased in June by 5.9%, and RPKs decreased by 6.9%, resulting in a passenger load factor of 88.2%, 0.9 points lower than last year.