New Pirate film boosts Dominica

Pirates of the Caribbean II might be a film about watery adventures, but to visit the set you’ll need hiking boots.For the director, Gore Verbinsky, chose Dominica as the backdrop for this action sequel due to its unspoilt, wild nature.

Jungle trails lead to secret rock pools fringed with purple wax flowers to reveal dramatic waterfalls and bubbling sulphur springs.

Dramatic cliff paths wind past crumbling Napoleonic lookout posts. The perfect natural stage for sword fights, secret missions and swashbuckling adventures.

Perhaps Verbinsky was also seduced by tales of Dominica’s past when he chose the island. The island was a stopping off point for real Caribbean pirates in the 16th century. There’s even a legend of buried pirate treasure - allegedly some 3 million Spanish pesos - plundered from a Spanish fleet in 1567 and hidden on the island.

Walkers on Headwater’s 8 nights guided Tropical Walk on Dominica tour can enjoy some set-jetting hikes to many of the film’s locations. They will be able to discover “Cannibal Island” when they walk from dramatic Titou Gorge to the Valley of Desolation. And their coastal hike around Capucin Cape affords great views over what was the pirates’ “Shipwreck Cove”. On another day, they explore Indian River, where pirate long boats cruised along “Pantano River” in the film.


And if discovering these dramatic film sets on foot is not enough for the star struck, they can return to their hotel each evening, the luxurious Fort Young, in the knowledge that they may be following in Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightey’s footsteps as many of the cast and crew stayed here during the filming. The film’s star, Johnny Depp, moored his private yacht off Fort Young’s private harbour.

Pirates of the Caribbean II is released on July 7th UK wide. To visit the set, Headwater’s Tropical Walk on Dominica departs on selected dates from November 17th and 31st March 2007.