POLL: St Lucia is favourite for weddings

British weddings in the Caribbean still rank the highest for people wanting to get married overseas. This is followed by Barbados, Antigua (fourth) and Jamaica (seven) according to a survey from American Express Travel shows.

Last year Barbados was first, St Lucia fourth and Antigua was in eighth position.

On honeymoons, couples have also been demanding more active trips, with some newlyweds now opting for South African and Kenyan safaris.

Others favour four-wheel-drive glacier trips to Iceland and jungle treks in Borneo.

American Express Travel’s European vice president Katrina Harrison told the UK’s Press Association: “Cost continues to be a crucial factor in choosing a wedding overseas. Our offices report spends of between £3,000-£6,000, well under half the figure for a UK ceremony.”


“For younger couples, finding a destination that combines a great wedding experience with low costs is a priority. That’s why themed wedding trips to Las Vegas remain so popular.”’

These were the top 10 wedding destinations with last year’s placings in brackets:

1. St Lucia (4)

2. Barbados (1)

3. Mauritius (3)

4. Antigua (8)

5. Cyprus (2)

6. Las Vegas (5)

7. Jamaica 96)

8. Seychelles (-)

9. Sri Lanka (-)

10. Maldives (10)