YOQUA - a new wave in fitness

Ragdale Hall is set to change the tide of mind-body exercise in the UK with the launch of YOQUA, the latest fusion concept from the USA.

Promising all the benefits of land-based yoga i.e. improved strength and flexibility but more importantly a healthy spine, moving the workout into the pool leads to a much more sensory and pleasurable experience.  Since a literal translation of the word ‘yoga’ is union it is no surprise the flowing poses transfer quite naturally to the flowing waters.  More than a gimmick, buoyancy lends support to the body, allowing for greater stretches and the resistance of the water enhances the toning effects.

Comments Dean L Hodgkin, of the WORKS Team and Ragdale’s Fitness Consultant, ” Aware that mind-body and aqua are our most popular formats, this is a natural progression for us.  We were keen, however, to ensure our guests are offered the best, hence we brought over from America one of the leading Aqua teachers in the world to deliver a recognised and thoroughly researched programme.”

YOQUA becomes the latest addition to, what is already, the broadest aqua timetable in the country, featuring Cardiosplash, Aquacircuit, Aquatone, Pilates H2O, Aqua Chi and the unique Aquagym underwater gym stations. Dean has the final word, “It’s a great class to teach, the ultimate fusion concept and sure to revitalise the water exercise scene in this country.”