World Cup widows look to escape

100,000 Brits are expected to travel to Germany for the tournament. But for those not smitten with 22 men fighting over a ball, travel companies and holiday providers of every type are more than keen to provide an escape route. One hotel, in the Lake District is even offering guests a free glass of champagne if any of its staff even mention the W word.

Other creative ideas include travelling to Trinidad (whom England will meet on June 15) which is expected to become a football-free-zone, after the African’s elimination from the competition.

With the increasing popularity of the mini-break, it all points to summer of crowded airports, with all the delays and stress that entails.
James Berry, Global Marketing Manager, Trip-Extras ( “With thousands travelling to Germany, and just as many flying away to escape it, we are expecting a busy summer. And with so much hype knocking about, it’s easy to forget that many people don’t like football. In common with many others in the travel industry, we offer an alternative way to enjoy the summer, helping people find the services they need to complement their holidays.”

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