Galileo drives e-ticketing in Asia

Galileo International is launching e-ticketing capability for Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited (KA).
Galileo will offer e-ticketing capability to Dragonair for service to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, which represents the latest in a long list of airlines in Asia that will enable e-ticketing. This will bring clear benefits to travel agents and their customers in terms of the significant cost savings and efficiency improvements of e-ticketing, as well moving the industry one step closer to achieving IATA’s goal for all airlines to offer e-tickets by the end of 2007.

“This new partnership with KA clearly strengthens our relationship and further highlights the leadership position that Galileo continues to take in the Asian travel industry. This agreement will bring significant cost and convenience benefits to our travel agency partners and allow them to deliver the same to their customers,” said Brad Holman, Cendant TDS Airline Services Managing Director.

With this link up, Galileo now has over 115 airlines offering e-ticketing in 74 countries, making it possible for Galileo-connected agents to provide e-tickets to over 70% of all tickets processed through the GDS. Over the past six months in the Asia-Pacific alone, Galileo’s e-ticketing capabilities have been extended to over 60 carriers in 13 countries, including Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and Macau.

“E-ticketing is just one example of how Galileo continues drive innovation to the travel industry through technology and content in a way that enables travel agencies to improve efficiencies and increase revenues,” concluded Holman.