New U.S. airline flies from New York to Russia

Baltia Air Lines, a new U.S. airline based at the JFK Airport in New York at Terminal 4, is getting ready to start nonstop service to St. Petersburg, Russia with a Boeing 747. Currently, the only other U.S. airline operating to Russia is Delta Air Lines which flies nonstop to Moscow.

The startup airline is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Bulletin Board under the symbol BLTA, and is also listed in Europe on the Frankfurt exchange. Baltia Air Lines will provide high quality First, Business and Coach passenger service. It will also provide reliable express cargo service under the Baltia name, as well as carry containers for major overnight shippers.

After starting the JFK-St. Petersburg nonstop service, Baltia plans to develop its initial route network flying nonstop from JFK to Riga, Kiev and Minsk. Baltia Air Lines’ goal is to become the leader in full-service passenger, cargo and mail transportation between the major U.S. cities and the capital cities of Eastern Europe.

Baltia wants to go well beyond the so called “normal service” manifested by recent service cutbacks on large airlines. Baltia plans services that no other airline is presenting, including delicious meals prepared by top chefs from outstanding restaurants in both New York and St. Petersburg, which should make traveling with Baltia a very comfortable and unique experience.

Current traffic between JFK and St. Petersburg is carried by European airlines with one or two connecting flights, because only U.S. and Russian airlines can operate nonstop between the two nations. Analysts expect that new U.S. airlines such as Baltia, Jet Blue, South West and others will do well and lead the American airline industry in the years to come.