Jacobson and Rose step down at FelCor

FelCor Lodging Trust has expressed its appreciation to Richard O.
Jacobson, who retired from its Board of Directors effective May 16, 2006 and Michael D. Rose, 64,
who retired from its Board of Directors in February 2006.Mr. Jacobson has been a valued and respected member of FelCor’s Board of
Directors since the Company’s initial public offering in 1994. During his
tenure as a director of FelCor, Mr. Jacobson has served on both the Audit
and Compensation Committees of FelCor.
  Mr. Jacobson, 69, is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Jacobson
Warehouse Company, Inc., a privately-held warehouse company, and of
Jacobson Transportation Company, Inc., a truckload common carrier.

Mr. Rose, who
served as a director of FelCor from July 1998 until his retirement,
provided FelCor’s Board of Directors with a wealth of leadership experience
in the hospitality industry. Mr. Rose also served on the Compensation and
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committees of FelCor’s Board of
  Mr. Rose is Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Gaylord
Entertainment Company, a diversified entertainment company.
  “I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Mike Rose and Dick
Jacobson for their many contributions to FelCor’s Board of Directors over
the years, as well as for the visionary leadership they have provided,”
said Thomas J. Corcoran, Jr., FelCor’s Chairman of the Board. “Their
knowledge, experience, judgment and common sense have served our
stockholders well throughout their terms of service with FelCor.”