Jetstar renews Navitaire deal

Jetstar Airways has renewed its outsourcing agreement for Navitaire’s reservations and revenue management systems, enhancing services provided under a previous multi-year contract.The agreement includes new code-share booking and passenger processing capabilities to support Jetstar’s recently announced international expansion plans. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Already one of the most successful and fastest-growing low-fare carriers, Australian-based Jetstar recently announced its long-haul flight plans which will focus on point-to-point Asian and Asia Pacific routes within six to 12 hours of Australia using wide-body aircraft.

The addition of long-haul routes enables Jetstar to significantly increase its international presence, complement the mainline operations of Qantas, its parent company, and expand each carrier’s network through extensive free-sale code-share flights.

Navitaire, a wholly owned Accenture subsidiary, provides technology and business solutions to the airline industry.

Since its commercial launch in February 2004, Jetstar has used Navitaire’s reservations, Web hosting and revenue management systems, and worked collaboratively to drive new innovations in the reservations delivery platform.


Through the strong partnership with Navitaire, Jetstar:

—Became the first low-fare carrier to implement a global free-sale code-share arrangement through Navitaire which opened Jetstar’s services to international customers;

—Manages a single, efficient multi-host platform for its inventory and Internet bookings for Jetstar, Jetstar Asia and Valuair entities;

—Deployed an integrated solution for connecting baggage with third party airlines for Jetstar’s trans-Tasman services for international-to-international passenger flight connections.

Under this new agreement, Navitaire will support Jetstar’s long-haul expansion plans by providing:

—Expanded free-sale code-share services that allow Jetstar and its sister carriers Jetstar Asia and ValuAir to market and operate flights under code-share arrangements with other airlines, including Qantas;

—Connections to leading Asia-Pacific global distribution systems;

—Seamless “through” check-in with key airline partners to allow customers to receive all boarding passes and baggage tags for their connecting itineraries at the outset of a trip;

—Enhanced business processes and support for key high-volume consolidator agencies.

“Just as Jetstar’s 2006 long-haul expansion plan is a highly strategic move for us, we have a very strategic relationship with Navitaire,” said Jetstar Group General Manager Commercial Bruce Buchanan.

“Unlike most airlines, we put responsibility for this partnership and the underlying technology with the sales and distribution teams that are responsible for the systems’ ultimate objective - filling empty seats with paying passengers - rather than with the IT team. This has enabled Jetstar and Navitaire to jointly create innovative solutions that preserve simplicity and provide access to new customers.”

“When we first launched the airline, we sought the best partner to help grow our business, enhance our customer service and help us to maintain a low cost base. Navitaire has delivered for Jetstar every step of the way,” he continued. “This new agreement is a critical element of our expansion plans into new Asian markets which has now been achieved.”

John Dabkowski, Navitaire managing director, said, “Navitaire’s comprehensive suite of services enables Jetstar to truly leverage the power of the Jetstar and Qantas brands with new free-sale code-share capabilities to support their international expansion in Asia. This agreement also demonstrates Navitaire’s ability to provide advanced, cost-effective solutions to growing and successful airlines - not only domestically, but to international carriers around the world.”