Football tops the Lufthansa menu

To mark this year’s major event, Lufthansa will be offering its passengers an
appropriate culinary ambience: before and during the World Cup, passengers will be
able to savour the delicacies created by selected “football chefs”. On long-haul
flights the cooking football team will be led by the Italian star chef Saverio
Pugliese. Pugliese, who describes himself as “football crazy”, will look after the
German national team as its official chef during the World Cup. As of May the chef
of the restaurant “Alter Haferkasten” in Neu-Isenburg will already be spoiling the
palates of Lufthansa passengers on board. In the First Class, among other things,
Aqua Pazza of grouper fish in a tomato ragout simmered with spring onions and wild
rice, will be served. Guests in the Business Class, can look forward to orecchiette
with pesto sauce, shiitake mushrooms and broccoli.

For the German and European flights, the “culinary team sheet” will include the
names of Martin ?-xle, Ralf Zacherl and Johann Lafer from the “German football team
of top chefs & restaurant owners”. The club, founded by star chefs, hoteliers,
sommeliers and restaurant owners, devotes itself to the objective of supporting
charitable organizations and making the German leading restaurants better known
beyond Germany’s borders. The creation of the board menus on German domestic and
European flights by leading German chefs thereby represents a new feature on
Lufthansa’s short haul flights.

Johann Lafer can draw on a wealth of experience accumulated playing for Lufthansa.
The star chef and chef de cuisine of the Stromburg - well-known in Germany as a TV
chef - has long been responsible for the development of special menus for children
on board. Now the “grown-up” passengers may also look forward to sampling his
dishes, such as cod in coconut sauce with Singapore noodles.  A special treat for
dessert is “Lafer’s Mohrenkopf”.

Martin ?-xle, chef de cuisine of the “Speisemeisterei” within the walls of the over
200- year-old Schloss Hohenheim on the outskirts of Stuttgart, impresses with his
refined technique and excellent feeling for details. For LH’s short and
middle-distance routes, among other things, he has created a menu consisting of
couscous balls with orange as the main course and grape salad with essence of macis
as dessert.
With Ralf Zacherl, the Lufthansa team will field a creative and spontaneous
playmaker. His cooking style was formed during his years of training under such
great names in the culinary world as Harald Wohlfahrt and Egbert Engelhardt as well
as the somewhat unlikely position for a top chef in the Robinson Club on the island
of Djerba. He is now delighting guests on board Lufthansa flights with a piccata of
catfish with Mediterranean tomato vegetables and thyme rice.