Hotel haggling goes online

Online room auctioneers
at are encouraging holiday-seekers to get bidding for the thrill of an auction and low hotel prices. Since starting its
unique hotel-room auctions in 2003, the company now has over 200 quality
hotels as members, spanning the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A And best of
all, this free service actually works, with many hotels slashing their
rack rates by as much as half.

The simple process involves logging on to the site, finding the hotel of
your choice and placing a ‘bid’ of what you are prepared to pay. The
hotel will get back to you within 24 hours or less, and the haggling
begins. Most bids accepted straight away are in the region of 25% - 35%
off the stated rack rates, and the website also provides clients a
useful set of tips to ensure success. Credit card information is not
necessary, as the hotel gets this directly from you once the price has
been agreed, and a booking will then be made.

Bob Drapella, Managing Director at explains how this
new system works on both ends: ‘...Every night hotel managers have a
number of rooms to be sold. If they don’t sell each room for that night,
it’s gone, lost forever…That is where RoomAuction comes up with a
helping hand. Although it is always to the discretion of a hotel to
accept or decline each bid, it is very probable that the hotel will
discount their rooms if they will have no chance of selling them at the
full rate.’

Recently, there has been the U.S.A. division launched as well, which
extends the U.K. success to the new area where many bargain hunting
travelers can already browse through a growing network of hotels on