Continental reaches self-service landmark

Continental Airlines has installed its 1,000th Self Check-in Kiosk in Bogota, Colombia and now offers more kiosks per customer than any other airline.“Today’s milestone is a testament to our commitment to customer service,” said Mark Moran, vice president, Operations, Continental Airlines. “These Self Check-in Kiosks allow our passengers greater convenience by enabling them to have greater control at the airport and to help them avoid lines and wait times, which are part of our goal to make flying on Continental an enjoyable experience for our passengers.”

Continental was the first carrier to offer customer-driven technology that allows passengers to take control of the check-in process whether at home or at the airport. Today, more than 75 percent or two million domestic customers check themselves in online on their personal computer or at an airport kiosk every month.

These kiosks allow passengers to print their boarding passes right at the airport without having to wait for their tickets to arrive in the mail. Passengers who lose their boarding passes can easily reprint them at any Continental kiosk.

Domestic passengers can select or change their seat, upgrade or standby for First Class (for eligible OnePass Elite members), verify or input their OnePass number, and change their flight for same day travel by using a Self Check-in Kiosk.

Continental’s Self Check-in Kiosks allow passengers the quickest way to check in their bags at the airport. Passengers simply need to touch the bag drop shortcut, select their bags and Continental customer service representatives will handle the rest. Passengers must check in their bags at least 30 minutes prior to departure in most domestic cities and 60 minutes for international destinations.


Another attractive feature of Continental’s kiosks is passengers can buy Continental currency to be used to purchase audio headsets, beer, cocktails and wine on board.

Continental’s Self Check-in Kiosks offer service in English, Spanish, French and German. A total of five Self Check-in kiosks were installed in Bogota, bringing the total number to 1,000 kiosks at more than 150 airports worldwide.