Centralwings on target for 2006

Centralwings has indicated significant progress towards its aim of carrying one and a half million passengers during 2006.

The airline’s expansion in 2006 with new routes reflects the increasing demand for travel to and from Poland.  The UK and Ireland have had a particularly prominent impact with travel from these markets to Poland increasing by more than 50% since the country’s accession to the EU.  The city of Krakow alone received three million visitors last year. 

Magda Zawadzka, International Press Officer commented;  “The majority of Centralwings passengers are Poles, whose current appetite for low cost travel to and from other EU countries has contributed to make Poland the fastest growing LCC market in the world.  However, a growing proportion is from outside Poland - increasingly aware of and charmed by the attractions of cities such as Krakow, Warsaw and Wroc?aw”.

Centralwings aims to build on this by increasing access to cities like Gdansk and ?odz, and increasing its aircraft fleet to ten Boeing 737s during this year.

“Passengers are also attracted by our location at primary airports and our transparent and competitive fare structure”, continued Ms. Zawadzka.  “We have one universal fixed passenger charge on every flight and our regular promotions offering great deals like flights for just one pound sterling or one euro are also extremely popular”.