Bulgarian hotels join LTI franchise

Two Bulgarian seaside hotels, Estrella Palace and Flora Park, have become franchisees of international hotel chain LTI.The 117-room 4-star Estrella Palace is located in the SS Konstantin&Elena resort near Varna.

The 138-room Flora Park is situated in the Slanchev Bryag resort.
LTI, owned by German concern Rewe, has lent its brand to Neptun Beach in Slunchev Bryag, Berlin Green Park Hotel and Berlin Golden Beach Hotel in Zlatni Pyasatsi.

Three other Rewe-owned international hotel chains, PrimaSol, ITS and Calimera Aktivhotels, also operate in Bulgaria.

Calimera made a comeback to this country last year and now runs the Rodopi Tsvete complex in Slanchev Bryag, taking over from PrimaSol.
Two years ago, Calimera Actvihotels signed a franchising contract for the operation of MG Corp.-owned holiday village Paradise Beach which was later terminated.

Hotel complex Sineva in the resort of Sveti Vlas, on the Black Sea, recently joined the PrimaSol chain.


The hotel is listed in the summer catalogues of PrimaSol and tour operator ITS.

Previously, PrimaSol managed the Sunlight complex, comprising the Sunrise and Excelsior hotels, in the resort of Zlatni Pyasatsi, and the Ralitsa and Ralitsa Superior hotels in the resort of Albena.