United releases iAnywhere partnership

United Airlines is giving more wireless access to flight information by adding real-time access to travel information such as city guides, maps and weather reports via hand-held devices.The airline has said that it is partnering with iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, through its AvantGo mobile Internet service to make this information available to customers.

United said that the new feature offers United’s flight and other travel information in a user-friendly format for customers on their hand-held devices and customers can view flight status, itinerary information, Mileage Plus summary and more.

The newly available travel information for United customers is part of the AvantGo Travel Guide, a feature of AvantGo’s free mobile Internet service for smartphones and PDAs.

To access the free travel tool, United customers who are not already AvantGo subscribers may register for the AvantGo service at http://www.avantgo.com .