Groople, TravelHero in collaboration

Groople and TravelHero are forming a new partnership, commencing in April 2006.TravelHero reservation systems, including Convention and Visitor bureaus, travel related websites, destination marketing organizations, shopping sites and lodging associations, will gain direct connect to Groople for seamless bookings of accommodation for unmanaged groups of all sizes and interests.

Prior to this partnership, TravelHero concentrated on bookings for the individual leisure traveler. The co-branding with Groople extends the capabilities and reach of the reservation system, allowing it to focus on groups. TravelHero and Groople can accommodate individual affiliates’ websites to suit their specialized needs, allowing for greater revenue streams and improved services for their customers.

“As Groople expands its network of partnerships within the online travel industry, it continues to raise the bar for online group travel bookings.” said Mike Stacy, Groople CEO. “Our integration with TravelHero is a key strategic move to increase distribution.”

According to TravelHero CEO, Matthew Johnson “We are excited about this new partnership with Groople. It will add value for our affiliates by providing them with an effective solution for smaller group bookings and will allow them to concentrate on their larger managed group bookings.”

Groople utilizes the most effective channels to target the leisure group market by automating the group booking process while matching the needs of specific groups with appropriate products, prices and support. Whether it’s a baseball team needing 20 rooms for an away game or the Fitzpatrick clan of 60 having their annual family reunion, Groople simplifies the group booking process and provides helpful tools, checklists and planning advice for specific group needs.