BCD Travel enters the market

BCD Holdings NV announced it is to call its new global travel logistics company BCD Travel. On the announcement, BCD Holding’s founder and Chairman John Fentener van Vlissingen commented: “We have listened to our clients and that is why we will become one wholly-owned company with one technology and under one management. This is a new approach, which requires a new name and I am excited that we have chosen the name BCD Travel.”

BCD Travel will formally trade under its new identity after the transaction with TUI AG, previous owners of TQ3 Travel Solutions Management Holding GmbH, has closed. Final contract closure is expected to be at the end of March.

BCD Holdings has global ownership of BCD Travel, which will operate in 96 countries on five continents. The new company currently posts total sales figures of US$12 billion and a combined worldwide workforce in excess of 12,000.

BCD Travel brings together the in-depth knowledge, expertise and premium multi-national client portfolios of WorldTravel BTI, TQ3 Travel Solutions Management Holding GmbH and The Travel Company, plus other travel- related assets, including a number of recently signed partners in Latin America, EMEA and Asia. The company will be market leader in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands, and rank in the top five in other major markets such as the US, the UK and Italy.

BCD Travel’s entry into the market marks a new era in the business travel industry. The company will shift the focus from straightforward travel management services to being the leading provider of travel logistics.


BCD Travel will simplify and streamline the travel process by using a single, intuitive technology infrastructure that centralizes access to travel content from the growing number of suppliers and distributors, setting it apart from the competition.

This is achievable because BCD Travel operates under one management structure, which guarantees homogeneous and consistent delivery of high-quality services and robust solutions.

Mike Buckman, Chief Executive Officer of BCD Travel, commented: “We are positioning ourselves as the leading provider of global travel logistics. BCD Travel’s value lies in our ability to deliver a service that eases the burden of the logistics of travel for our travelers, while reducing the overall costs of business to our clients.”

Joop Drechsel, Chairman of BCD Travel, said: “BCD Travel brings together three recognized travel companies and together we will offer solutions that are flexible, and our service philosophy is grounded by the knowledge that all corporations act and move differently. There are exciting times ahead for us, our clients, our travelers and our industry.”