Excel Airways expands fleet

Excel Airways is leasing two Boeing 737-900ER, two Boeing 737-800s and four Boeing 737-800s for eight years as a part of the Group’s aircraft fleet renewal plan.
The B737-900ER aircraft, which will be delivered in May 2008, will replace some of the older and less efficient Boeing 757-200. During the peak summer months, Excel operates approximately 30 aircraft with additional aircraft being contracted in from other carriers.

Aerodynamic and structural changes allow the B737-900ER to carry more passengers and fly greater distances than the existing B737-900’s. The B737-900ER also has a maximum capacity of 215 passengers in a single class layout compared to the maximum of 189 carried older models. New technology and improved engine efficiency decreases fuel burn and makes the B737-900ER aircraft one of the most economic single-aisle aircraft in the world.

Magnus Thorsteinsson, Chairman of Avion Group said: “We are pleased to be leasing these aircraft which are not only very efficient but also serve the needs of our customers well. Utilising aircraft such as the Boeing 737-900ER continues to be part of the Group’s fleet modernisation plan.

Excel Airways will use these new aircraft to fly to destinations in Southern Europe and the Middle East. Excel Airways provides services to nearly 50 destinations from ten airports in the UK.