Comparing Prices on Hotel Rates Now Easier

  Tracy T. of Brooklyn, New York, says that Booking Buddy has saved her more
than 100 hours making travel arrangements for her friends and family. “Booking Buddy is wonderful! I often have to book flights for members of
my family, and it’s amazing how long it takes to try all the different
sites I use for comparison,” says Tracy. “Now I can just go to one site
and do all of my research much more quickly and effectively.”

But Booking Buddy isn’t just for flights anymore. Smarter Living, Inc.,
the six-year-old online travel publisher, today announced the launch of
Booking Buddy for hotels and cars, with the same time-saving technology.

“More than 600,000 travelers have already come to to find
the lowest airfares,” says Mark Cestari, Smarter Living’s director of
marketing. “Now consumers shopping for the best deals on hotel rooms and
car rentals can also search their favorite sites with just a single click
of the mouse.”

Booking Buddy is a free web-based travel search, featuring “Buddy,” a
friendly character who appears on each page dressed to fly, stay, or
drive. Booking Buddy includes all of the leading travel websites,
including every major online agency as well as the top airlines and hotel
and car rental companies. “ is a great time-saver because
it includes nearly 50 sites in one place. You don’t have to enter your
travel details over and over, and that helps you get the best deals even
faster,” says Cestari.

Unlike other search tools, allows users to choose the
sites they want to check, one at a time. Every search opens up a new
browser window, allowing shoppers to compare their results side-by-side.
Travelers then make their reservations directly with the provider
displaying their preferred itinerary.


Booking Buddy was created in September 2003 as a free service of Smarter
Living, Inc. Its free-standing website,, launched in
January, supported by Smarter Living’s first-ever off-line media campaign,
including broadcast and print placements in the Boston market.

Smarter Living serves more than 1 million subscribers each week through
its website and free e-mail newsletters.